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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Memory Foam Mattresses

Although many people have yet to experience a night on a memory foam mattress, you have no doubt heard of memory foam. This type of mattress first became popular overseas but it was soon brought to the states and soon found a strong market here also.

Many people don't consider memory foam because they just aren't familiar with it's benefits. They're number one concern is getting a quality mattress for the least amount of expense.

Although memory foam is more expensive than traditional mattresses, the benefits are worth it. This material is well known for it's ability to give people a more comfortable sleep experience.

Synthetic Materials

Pillows made with synthetic stuffing are as popular as the pillows made with natural materials. These materials have some very important advantages. These pillows are allergy free.  The natural ingredients are the ones that people most often have problems with. This is especially true of the down feather pillows.

Synthetic materials include polyester, latex, and foam. These tend to hold up better over time and retain their shape longer. Memory foam is one of the most popular types of pillows sold with synthetic material. Many orthopedic doctors will recommend memory foam to their patients.

Pillows - Natural Materials

Pillows are sold with more variety of materials than mattresses.  Bed pillows made with natural materials include wool, cotton, buckwheat, and feather (down).  These are usually preferred by people that desire a softer surface. These materials do not hold their shape very well and won't hold up as well as the synthetic materials.
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Importance of the Material

Unfortunately, most people don't believe that buying a mattress, a topper, or a pillow of an alternative substance is worth their money. It's not like you can try out a mattress or have an opportunity to replace yours very frequently. I did it for many years. Mattress is losing it's firmness - time to go to Sears or whoever is having a big sale and get a name brand mattress.

It's too bad that we rush into this purchase with such little thought and planning. It's not like you have to replace your mattress as soon as you wake up a little sore because of lack of support for your back.  You have time to research and look around and I highly suggest you give new types of pillows and mattresses some consideration.